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CGI revamps its website with help of EBI

Center on Global Interests (CGI)Center on Global Interests (CGI)  a Washigton DC based nonprofit hires EBI team to revamp its website and build much more powerful online presence. To help CGI staff manage their website a content management system is being used with a variety of add-on modules. The result is impressive. It takes the nonprofit to the new Web 2.0 era. 

Client Testimonial

Without Alex and the EBI team, building and launching our new website would simply not have been possible
EBI put together a strategy for creating the new site that worked on our budget and schedule, and provided crucial guidance when we were unsure about decisions in the development process. They quickly responded to all of our questions and concerns, no matter how small, and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. It was a pleasure to work with Alex and his team. Thank you EBI!

Kerry Eickholt
Center on Global Interests


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