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Happy New Year with Mt. Motorcycles!

Happy New Year!!!

This is how we started 2015 with the launch of Mt. Motorcycles website. We are thrilled what these guys have to offer for motorcycle riders in one of the most picturesque places on planet Earth! Thank you for your business, Mt. Motorcycles! See you on the trail!

 Mt. Motorcycles - a secluded and private motorcycle resort in the mountains of southeast West Virginia

Client Testimonial

Alex Avdeyev came to our rescue and made this process incredibly easy for us.
We scheduled an online consultation, and within 3 minutes I had settled on a site template that I absolutely loved.  I spent a day writing content, with guidance and tips from Alex and his developers.  They explained to me how certain things work, and how others don’t…and it was important to them to work with my ideas.  They were extremely professional and courteous, and let me down easy when I presented ideas that wouldn’t work.   I was extremely pleased and quite surprised with how smoothly everything went.  Alex and his staff made this fun for me, and I never felt like I just “turned anything over” to them.  There always seemed to be a perfect balance of my input and their expertise, and the end result was exactly what we wanted!

I strongly encourage anyone who is searching for a web development firm to contact eBusiness Innovations, and let them help you like they helped us.  I can’t offer insight on the other services they provide, but I am certain that their professionalism and talent is consistent throughout the firm.    

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Travis Jackson
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