Support Services

At EBI we offer a full range of web consulting and development services, from requirements gathering to website and system maintenance. Once we build and deploy a website or a custom web app, our clients usually ask us to support their product. We assess the customer's needs, complexity and specifications of the system to be supported, and design a customized monthly system maintenance plan.

Support Services

Service Packs

For some projects, our clients need our help less frequently, or can not predict their volume of changes ahead of time, and in order to save money, we recommend that our clients purchase a prepaid 20 or 50 hour service pack at a discounted rate. Service Pack hours will be used only when requests come in and the work is rendered. When there are no changes, hours are preserved for future work. The Service Pack approach gives much better control over the system maintenance budget to our clients, and is ideal for certain projects and website update plans.

Web Application Support Services

While websites may or may not need to have ongoing maintenance, most web applications require specific monthly support services. Based on our history of developing and managing custom software, we have created two types of support packages: Server Installation & Configuration and Web Application Maintenance and Support. Although the number of hours allocated in these packages vary from project to project, their composition remains similar.

Need to support your existing web project?

Call us at (202) 468-1977 or email us to describe your project and maintenance needs. We will design a customized support plan for you.

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