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Web Application Maintenance & Support

This package is designed for monthly maintenance and support and it features:

  • Account Management and ongoing consulting
  • Product support (“how to” questions on all functionality)
  • Minor website programmatic changes and functionality enhancements
  • Graphical (design-related) and page layout updates, additions, and edits
  • Programmatic support - software non-conformity telephone support, including work-arounds and temporary fixes
  • Technical Issue Resolution
    • Technical assessment of bugs or minor “cosmetic” change requests
    • Assessment of any technical hosting problems or issues (e.g. website is down)
    • Technical assessment of third-party issues or bugs
  • System Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Monitoring status of the system and its environment (automatic and semi-automatic checking the operating system and its core subsystems on a regular basis)
    • Monitoring security vulnerabilities of the system (security threats stemming from several sources such as OS, Database, web server, application server (PHP) and third-party software such as FTP software)
    • Monitoring system performance (processing speed, bottlenecks and system "load" during peak usage periods).

eBusiness Innovations, Inc. (ebi)

We are a web development company located in Washington, DC. We specialize in building custom web applications.

address: 1011 New Hampshire Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20037

phone: 202.486.1977 email