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Haz la U Scholarship Program

Project Brief

Outreach Strategies needed to develop an online application form that would collect data into a database of students willing to participate in Colgate's sponsored scholarship program. This project had a very tight schedule and a little budget. Outreach Strategies selected EBI based on its reputation to develop high quality solutions within a short time frame. We organized this work as a mini project and the form with many fields was ready within a couple of days.

The web form collected several thousands student applications and this project was a great success to our client and us.

Requirements Sample

  • They DO NOT need to log in or save their information. Basically it will be just a web page with to apply.
  • Of course, we will need some rules on the page to ensure required fields are complete, etc.
  • will also want to send an email to the email address they supply to confirm we have received their submitted application.
  • We will want access to this information in a database, with the ability to at any time download the information in an Excel format.
  • We will also want the ability to view or be emailed statistics of how many applications have been submitted at any given time.
  • The ad agency can send you all the creative and promotional text for the site.  I will send in a separate email files for you to view the current creative. They are not fully approved but if you want we can also set up a call with the ad agency to get everyone involved.
  • The application needs to be live by 9/14
  • The program runs from now till Dec 1st and then we will want a static page to thank applicants as well as some text about other information.


Technical Details

  • Library: A form generation and processing script
  • Web Server(s): Apache Web Server
  • Database Server(s): a flat file (CSV)
  • Scripting:  PHP, JavaScript,
  • OS: Red Hat Linux

Client Testimonial

Guys, you ROCK! Thank you for all your help and support. I look forward to working together next year!

Scott Heidegger,
Outreach Strategies

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