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Academic Operations System


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The Washington Center for Internships & Academic Seminars (TWC) a non-profit organization that provides internships in the U.S. capital for college students from around the world. The organization, with 28 years of service and 28,000+ alumni, was looking for a way to improve its operational efficiency, while improving customer service. To achieve these goals, The Washington Center had to replace a multitude of duplicate and widely dispersed computer files, spreadsheets various databases with one organizational-wide information system that would keep all organizational contacts and all records on students, partners and internship agencies.


To meet the needs of The Washington Center, EBI has developed Academic Operations System (AOS), a web-based intranet portal to manage contacts, students, applicants and perform many other tasks.

Academic Operations System

The system came with many capabilities and the following is just a short list of its key features:

  • Ease-of-use. The user interface for AOS system was designed based on sound usability principles and with the focus of making users with very limited computer skills getting to know the system within a few minutes of browsing.
  • Powerful & Easy-To-Use Search Engine. The system was coupled with a very powerful, yet very simple to use search engine, custom-built by EBI. The search engine was engineered with several human-friendly capabilities that allowed finding information even when misspelled keywords were entered.
  • Anytime-Anywhere Access. The system didn’t require any additional software installed on workstations to access it. The staff could work with the system from office, home or while on the road. Everything they needed is a web browser and access to the Internet.


After its launch, the system has not only exceeded everybody’s expectations, but led to new cost savings, opportunities and usage scenarios. Other major breakthrough results were:

  • Yahoo! Effect. Thanks to the simplicity, user-friendliness and personalization AOS became a Yahoo! for all employees of the Washington Center enticing even the top management learn the system.
  • Incredible Operational Savings. Thanks to almost zero training costs, rich search capabilities and a high degree automation of such critical tasks as internship search, student application processing, email communication, The Washington Center saved tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds on its annual operational budget.
  • Improved Customer Service. Using the web portal, TWC has significantly improved customer service, added additional value to its internship programs, outperforming many rivals and providing a better care of the next generation of leaders.


 Technical Details

  • Web Server(s): Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.xx
  • Database Server(s): Microsoft SQL Server 7.xx/2000, Microsoft Access 2000
  • Scripting:  ASP 3.xx, JScript, VBScript, JavaScript, COM/DCOM
  • UI: Administration Console, Agency Contact Console, Program Manager Console.


Client Testimonial 

"Super-easy! Thank you [EBI] for AOS system, it’s a major breakthrough for us!"

Eugene Alpert
Vice President of Academic Affairs

"I don’t need anything right now on my computer or my desk. I enter everything into AOS!"

Program Manager

"AOS has all the answers to my questions!"

Program Manager

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