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Calico Industries


calico industries logoCalico Industries, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in providing quality food service, workplace safety, and janitorial supplies and equipment to customers nationwide. Calico was looking for a web app developer that could build a scalable customized e-commerce website with many specialized front-end and back-end features. The new ecommerce solution had to combine many backoffice operations, such as printing catalogs, exchanging data with AS/400 and more. It selected EBI because of our expertise in building custom web applications, our innovative approach to solving various problems and superb customer service.


The project was one of the most exciting and innovative that EBI encountered in a while. Due to a wide set of requirements and a roadmap that included adding many new features down the road, we decided to deliver this e-commerce solution as a platform-based product with an extensible system architecture, de-facto UI standards and easy-to-program API. It took several months of development and the final result, Calico Web System (CWS), exceeded all our client's expectations. When it was rolled out into production, the client was extremely happy to replace old and ineffective business processes and to retire several software packages that were needed before. CWS led to a big jump in productivity for the marketing and customer service departments.


After several years in production Calico Web System has gained over 100 new features and many more modules thanks to its very flexible and scalable core system architecture. While its system architecture is the most important feature, there are many other functions that make this e-commerce solution an integral part of Calico Industries. Here is just a quick glance at some of them:

  • Contracts & Pricing. The web application allows the client to set up different pricing schemes and policies for different clients.
  • Mini CMS. The marketing staff can add new pages and website sections, update contract welcome pages and info blocks, manage email templates, and the rest of communication using a very user-friendly built-in CMS tool.
  • Import & Export. The solution also contains a very versatile import and export engine that empowers the client to exchange data with other in-house and third-party systems..
  • On-sale Campaigns. Sales personnel rely heavily on the Sales Campaing Manager tool to run their campaigns, clearance events and more.
  • Vendor & Banner Management. The website also features an easy-to-use vendor logo and banner management tool.
  • Powerful search engine. To help customers and back-end administrators work with a very large silo of product information, we've built a very powerful, simple and advanced search engine.


Technical Details

  • Operating System(s): Linux
  • Web Server(s): Apache Web Server
  • Database Server(s): MySQL
  • Scripting: JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, BASH
  • UI: Public UI, Contract User UI, Administator Console
  • Other: AS/400 Integration.

Client Testimonial

Creativity, Competence and Keen Problem Solving Abilities
I highly recommend partnering with eBusiness Innovations for web development and design projects. This company has played a critical role in bringing Calico’s ecommerce site to the level of its competitors. Throughout the tenure of our partnership, Alex Avdeyev (owner and project manager) continues to exhibit creativity, competence and keen problem solving abilities to assist our Marketing Department with gaining a stronger web presence and increased traffic. He takes the time to understand our business objectives and the stakeholders involved in an effort to craft the most effective solutions. He also anticipates our needs and takes the initiative to proactively offer valuable ideas. Last, his development team’s work ethic and prompt response time is stellar.

If you would like further details, please feel free to contact me.

Erin Adero
Marketing Manager
Calico Industries, Inc.


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